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26th June 2020

Safety guidelines for the return to Church celebrations in Inishmagrath Parish.

1. There is no obligation to attend Mass or to go for Communion at this time.

2. Keep the physical distance from non-family parishioners both inside and outside the Church.

3. Use the hand sanitizer at the entrance to the Church.

4. No baskets will be used for the collection, so use the box provided at the door.

5. Pews will be used from the front firstly, so be guided by the stewards.

6. A family can use the same pew.

7. Every second pew will be left unoccupied.

8. The movement in Church will be one way only.  A single file can come forward to Communion and return by a side aisle or by exiting the Church by the Sacristy door.

9. No offertory procession with gifts.

10. No handshake at the sign of peace.

11. Holy Communion must be received in the hand.

12. Be guided by the stewards at the end of Mass to leave pew by pew in order and so keep the required distance.

13. Facemasks are recommended inside the Church.

14. For the first few weeks no servers will be required.

15. For the first few weeks no Eucharistic Ministers will be required.

16. For the first few weeks there will be no choir.

17. To allow better capacity parishioners are asked to attend church in their local area.

Maximum Church Capacity:

Drumkeeran 50; Creevelea 34; Tarmon 30.

Thank you for the help.