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The Breifne Historical

Cumann Seanchais Bhreifne,
the Breifne Historical Society, deals with the local history of Counties Cavan and North Leitrim.

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John Buchanan, aged 70. His wife was Kate Buchanan (74) and Lizzie Elliott (39) was recorded as the shop assistant.


Patrick Christy (57) and his wife Bridget. They had three children, Mary Anne, Thomas and Patrick.

Carson Dennison (57) and his wife Eliza Ann (42) were shopkeepers too. They had three children, Thomas, Albert and Gladys.


Sarah Kelly (60) is described as a shopkeeper and a widow. Her daughter Emily (24) lived in the same house.

Another widow who was also a shopkeeper was Anne Leydon. Her daughter Mary Anne (21) is listed as a shop assistant.

John Francis McHugh, a widower from Co Sligo, is listed as a shopkeeper. He had three sons, Edward, Daniel and Denis. Patrick Bouchier (20) was listed as the shop assistant.

James Byron (65) was born in Co Roscommon. His wife was Catherine (54) and two daughters are recorded as living with them, Anna M (28) and Mary E (26), a teacher.

John Dolan (32) was another publican. His cousin, John Rogan (28), is listed as his assistant.

Thomas McGivney (78), born in Co Cavan, is recorded as a publican and a widower.

John O’Rorke (37), another publican, was born in Co Sligo. His wife Maragret (36) was born in Co Cavan and they had one child, Patrick Joseph. Thomas Lee (15) from Co Roscommon was the shop assistant.

Ellen Clerkin (85), widow, is recorded as “provision merchant”. Maria Higgins (40) was her shop assistant. Maria was probably Ellen’s daughter as another resident of the household, Mary Ellen Higgins (15), was recorded as a granddaughter of Ellen.


Brigid Dolan (49), also a widow, was described as a “general merchant”. She had four children resident in the house; Bridget T, Patrick J, Maggie A and John F. Brigid’s nephew Hugh (31), born in Co Cavan and Hugh Gallagher (21) were recorded as shop assistants.

Thomas Kelly (30) was recorded as a “grocer/hardware merchant”. His wife, Kathleen (28) was from Co Sligo and they had an 11-month-old son, John William. Charles Dunne (27) was the shop assistant.

Three residents on Main St were recorded as farmers. Among them was John Irwin Flaherty (51), who is also listed as a “civil bill officer”.

The others were Francis McGorty (24) and James McMorrow (40).

John Dolan (25) was from Co Cavan. John was married to Mary (25) and they had a 2-month baby son, Patrick Joseph.


John O’Rourke (54), married to Catherine (56)

Michael Harrison (34) was described as a “rural postman”

Francis O’Rourke (27), son of John O’Rourke, the tailor, lived with his parents.

Mary E Byron (26), a daughter of the publican James Byron, lived with her parents.


David McGloughlin (22) was recorded as a teacher who was a boarder in the house of Mary Anne Kavanagh.

Anne Kelaher (45), a widow, was a dressmaker and she listed her niece Annie McLoughlin (18) as her assistant.

Mary McBride (24) was a dressmaker and she was listed as a boarder in the house of Martin and Bridget Clancy.


Martin Clancy (65).


John Maguire (5) was the butcher. His wife was Mary Anne (60).

Edward Millar (45), born in Co Monaghan, is recorded as an RIC constable. His wife, Anna M (29), was born in Co Tyrone.

There is only one clergyman living on Main St . Alexander Beattie (25), born in Co Fermanagh, is recorded as Methodist Minister, boarding with Allan Nixon, the clerk of petty sessions.

Boarding House
: Brigid McGowan (42) was described as a widow. However, as three people in the house on the night of the census were described as “lodgers” it seems that Bridget probably ran a boarding house. Paul McGuigan (72), described as a dealer, was born in Co Armagh. Edward McCoy (50), also a dealer, was born in Co Donegal. Patrick Summons (16), also described as a dealer, was born in Co Fermanagh.

Civil Bill Officer: John Irwin Flaherty (51) was listed as a civil bill officer. He was also listed as a farmer.

RIC Pensioner: Mary Anne Kavanagh (59), a widow, was described as an RIC Pensioner.

Postmaster and Clerk of Petty Sessions: Allan Nixon (54) was described the clerk of petty sessions. It seems he was also the postmaster.

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