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With the season of Advent rapidly approaching, here are some ideas for you to use in the Advent period.

Children’s Prayer for Advent

To be prayed with your children before bed or before Sunday Mass

My little Lord Jesus, I love You and thank You for this Advent season. Please help me to understand all that You have done for me. Your loving mother held You in her heart and brought You into this world. Help me to do the same.

 My loving Jesus, I choose You, this Advent, as my King and my God. Draw me close to You and help me to see my sins so that I can change the things that You want me to change. 

Mother Mary, pray for me this Advent so that I may do all that God wants me to do. You said “Yes” to all that God asked of you. Please pray for me that I may do the same.

Come, Lord Jesus,

Come, Lord Jesus,

Come, Lord Jesus, come!

I love You, Jesus.


Prayer for Advent

My hidden Lord Jesus, I love You and thank You with profound gratitude for uniting Yourself with fallen humanity. When You first entered into this world, You remained hidden for nine months in the immaculate womb of Your Blessed Mother. She carried You, body and blood, soul and divinity, within the sanctuary of her body. She also carried You within her heart as a result of her perfect love for You and her perfect obedience to the will of the Father. 

Precious Lord, as I embrace this Advent Season, please open my eyes to see the great value and blessing of Your Incarnation. Help me to discover Your hidden presence in this world and within my own soul. I desire to see, understand and experience the profound effects that Your Incarnation has on my life and I desire to receive those effects more fully this Advent. May I become a sanctuary in which You dwell so that I, like Your dear Mother, may bring Your presence into the world. 


My loving Jesus, I choose You, this Advent, as my King and my God. I abandon myself to You and seek to put all my trust in Your tender care. Draw me close to You and free me from my sin so that I may love You with a pure and holy heart. 


Mother Mary, as You carried your dear Son in your immaculate womb, you also carried Him in your heart. Pray for me, this Advent, that I may surrender myself to the will of the Father in imitation of you. You said “Yes” to all that God asked of you and never hesitated to fully embrace His divine will. Pray that I may imitate your perfect example so as to share a deeper union with you and your divine Son. 


Come, Lord Jesus,

Come, Lord Jesus,

Come, Lord Jesus!


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There are many more charities in need of help during these tough times. Remember if you want to give you can check a charity is registered and real on the Charities Regulators website at  https://www.charitiesregulator.ie/en/information-for-the-public/search-the-register-of-charities