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John Joseph Flanagan RIP

The death has taken place of John Joseph Flanagan.

John Joe, as he was better know to his friends,

died on Sunday, 26 February.

He was 80 years of age.

John Joseph Flanagan was born on 15 August 1936,
the son of John and Mary Anne Flanagan, Shass, Newbridge.  

He attended school in Dargoon and later in The Rock NS,
to which he fondly referred to as the ‘High School’.

In the 1960’s John Joe went to London to work on the buildings and,
in his early days there, he lived in and around the Kilburn and Crickelwood area of the city.
Later moved to Hayes.

It was in London that he met Carmel Tyrrell, a native of Co Kildare.
They were married on 15 August 1970 and settled in Slough.
They and their daughters Ann and Carmel and their son John Joe
lived in Slough for the next 24 years.
John Joe now worked with the Electricity Board.

John Joe was a hard and dedicated worker.
It wasn’t unknown for him to work 24 hours, non-stop.
Even on some Christmas Days he was called out
by the Electricity Board to resolve various breakdowns.
He was the kind of man who’d never be happy doing nothing.
He was always on the go.
When finished his day’s work, there was his work in the garden.
Even when home on holidays in Ireland,
he delighted in having the opportunity
to do some work on the family farm.

Even though their lives were now very much based in Slough,
John Joe and Carmel never forgot their Irish roots.
Every summer they brought the family home to Ireland,
to Kildare and to Shass.
John Joe was proud of his Leitrim heritage.
He loved Irish traditional music was keen to give his children
the opportunity of playing Irish music.

Like so many of the Irish who went to London
Carmel and John Joe had a dream of one day returning to Ireland.
That dream was eventually fulfilled in 1994
when they came back to Leitrim
and settled in Cloonbonive, near Dromahair.

Now back in Ireland,
they really enjoyed their retirement years.
Above all they enjoyed travel.
Not only did they travel most of Ireland,
but they also enjoyed going on the occasional cruise.
And, now of course, there were the grandchildren.
John Joe loved to listen to them playing the traditional Irish music.  

Family was very important to John Joe.
He did his utmost to make sure that Carmel and the children wanted for nothing.
He loved to take them on trips and outings;
to the cinema, to the zoo, to the seaside,
and of course, back home to Ireland.

Throughout his life he was always keen to better himself in every way he could.
He took evening classes and attended various courses to learn new skills.
We mentioned earlier that he was a hard and dedicated work.
But he was also a very skilled and tidy worker.
Whatever he did, he did it to the best of his ability.

And not only was he neat and tidy in his work,
but he was the kind of man who was always
neat and tidy in his personal appearance.
He loved dancing and was very graceful in his movements.
Even his cars were kept spotlessly clean.
He was also the kind of man who lived his life by a set routine.
As they say, you could set your watch by him.

And he brought those same characteristics into his faith life.
Over the years he would never miss Sunday Mass
and regularly received Holy Communion.
While he would also pray the Rosary,
he was, in his own way,  quite a private man,
who also prayed in his own private and quiet manner.

About 10 years ago John Joe’s health began to decline and, in December 2016,
he became a resident of St Felim’s Nursing Home, Dromahair.

It was there that he died peacefully on Sunday 26 February.

He is survived by his wife for Carmel,
by his daughters Ann and Carmel, and by his son John Joe,
by his sisters Kathleen, Annie, Bridget and Agnes,
and by his brothers Michael, James and Francis.  

Large congregations attended the removal on Tuesday evening, 28 February,

and the Funeral Mass on Wednesday, 1 March.

After the Mass John Joe was laid to rest in Drumkeeran Cemetery.